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Pilates Retreat

“Before I arrived at Capofaro I had goose bumps all over me - A feeling I cannot explain - Then finally, as the boat docked  - I knew - Capofaro was the place for Tranquility’s retreat -  One of the most special places I’ve ever been too”  Nikki Chrysostomou Founder & Director of the Tranquility Pilates Centre October 2016 

Join Nikki at the breath taking resort: “Capofaro" in Salina Italy for a 6 day Pilates retreat at one of the most beautiful islands off of Sicily.  

Salina is one of the seven Aeolian islands in the Tyrrhenian Sea about 40km from the Sicilian coast. Known as the volcanic islands that were created by Aeolus, god of the winds, the Aeolian islands have been the crossroads of Mediterranean civilisations and expression of a mythical nature.

Capofaro: unique in its identity, it is the place of choice for those who enjoy total nature and relaxation while being immersed in the pristine nature of the island of Salina, the most authentic of the Aeolian Islands . A place of natural experience in a timeless habitats, in direct contact with all the strength and beauty of the island, Capofaro Malvasia & Resort is born of love for the vine, the sea and mountains that surround it. 

This 6 day Pilates retreat includes

  • Airport pickup from and to Catania including hydrofoil tickets and transportation to the hotel
  • Accommodation for 5 nights
  • Breakfast buffet
  • Lunch (1) including: water, 1 glass of wine per course, coffee
  • Lunch Boxes (1), including water 
  • Dinner (4) including, water, 1 glass of wine per course, coffee
  • Wine tasting (1)
  • Tutorial fee of workouts
  • Usage of accessories during workouts
  • 2 excursions including transportations
  • Water after sessions
  • VAT

NB: Guests will need to bring their own Pilates mat. Tranquility suggests a thick Pilates mat rather than a thin yoga one. Contact us for a list of Pilates mats we recommend.  


Date: Thursday 27th September - Tuesday 2nd October 2018 


Day 1 (Thur 27th): Arrive, briefing, free time and welcome dinner 

Day 2 (Fri 28th): 8am morning class, breakfast, free time, 6.30pm sunset class 

Day 3 (Sat 29th): 8am morning class, breakfast, free time, lunch, trekking with local guide, dinner

Day 4 (Sun 30th): 8am morning class, breakfast, lunch, Salina boat tour, dinner 

Day 5 (Mon 1st): 8am morning class, breakfast, free time, 7pm wine tasting, dinner 

Day 6 (Tue 2nd): Farewell breakfast 

NB: * Cranial Sacral Treatment is on request and is not included in the package. Treatments 80 Euros. 


During the free time:

  • Relax
  • Go for a walk / run
  • Hire a bike
  • Book a treatment
  • Explore the island
  • Go for a swim in the pool
  • Book Cranial Sacral Therapy 
  • Play tennis (NB: at present there is a tennis court although it is up for redevelopment into an open air gym. Rackets are available on request)  


Cost per person (in British Pounds): 

  Single Occupancy   Double Occupancy 
Standard Room  £3200 £2200
Superior Room  £3500 £2350
Junior Suite  £4450 £2900
Exclusive Suite  £5300 £3200



To arrive in time to catch the boat from Milazzo you will need to take the first flight out of the UK. Below are flight suggestions from London: 

British Airways return to Gatwick: Outbound: 7.15am arrive Catania 11.30am Inbound: 7.35pm arrive London Gatwick 9.55pm  

EasyJet return to Gatwick: Outbound: TBC Inbound: TBC 

EasyJet return to Luton: Outbound: TBC Inbound: TBC 

Please note on a inbound return flight back to Gatwick - if the boat is delayed or traffic on the roads there is a possibility you would miss an early flight due to the tight travel connections. 


Request a Booking Form: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Capofaro… “Were the sound of silence doesn’t get boring” 



1) The guest will need to bring their own mat. A thicker Mat is recommended rather that a thin yoga mat. 

2) Cancellation policy

60 days prior to arrival no cancellation fee

Within 60 days prior to arrival 50% of total cost 

No show on the day = no refund 

3) Participants are welcome to share their room with a person who is not attending the program. Accommodations and breakfast for the additional guest (max. 1 person per room) is free of charge, whereas other charges (meals, beverages, excursions, pickup surplus charges) will be billed extra.

4) In the case of bad weather and the group are unable to travel to Salina, alternative accommodation in Milazzo will be arranged by Capofaro. 

5) To travel to Salina the group need to be at the port of Milazzo by 5.30pm. In the case of delayed travel (flights / traffic etc) Capofaro will organise alternative accommodation in MIlazzo. 

6) If any persons from the group miss their flight or any travel arrangements made in advance by Capofaro. The following will be put in place: 

If the attendees miss their flight and they decide to not travel, there is no refund. 

If the attendees miss their flight, but take the next flight Capofaro will organise transportation, with the option to charge the attendees extra for the transportation or the accommodation if they don’t manage to reach Salina in time.

If the attendees miss any travel connections (car / boat), Capafaro will organise the transportation, with the option to charge the attendees extra for the transportation or the accommodation.

7) Tranquility Pilates Centre, Nikki Chrysostomou & Capofaro are not responsible for any loss or damage to personal property while travelling to and from Capofaro and during your stay at Capofaro 

8) Tranquility Pilates Centre, Nikki Chrysostomou & Capofaro are not responsible for personal injuries outside scheduled classes or events. The activities you take up during the “free time” are at your desecration. 

9) It is the responsibility of each guest to ensure that you are capable of participating in Pilates exercise. 

10) To be considerate of others at all times.

11) To ensure the appropriate clothing and footwear is worn at all times, particularly when walking around the property of Capofaro and any events that are organised off of Capofaro property. 

12) The guest expressly exempts the company from any responsibility for any malfunction of services and/or failure to perform the service for reasons not attributable to negligence or fraud of the company, and thus for example strikes, earthquakes, riots, terrorist attacks, weather conditions of particular disfavour.


The customer also expressly exempts the company from all responsibility for harm or damages to persons and/or things that are not attributable to fault or negligence of the company.