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Pilates for Bone Health is a class suitable for anyone wishing to build and maintain healthy, strong bones.  It's perfect for clients with Osteopenia / Osteoporosis or anyone who is at risk and wants to prevent low bone density.
We will use Pilates exercises and modifications will be offered for the individual.  We will work in a variety of positions and use our body weight to develop strength, use small equipment like the foam rollers for core work, stretch bands and elastic loops to provide resistance and strength and do multi-dimensional balance work for falls prevention.
We will work to strengthen the main sites that are prone to fracture i.e. the spine, wrist and hips but of course we will work the whole body too including the ankles, feet and hands.
Lynn will also offer advice for daily activities to ensure your spine is safe at all times
Classes will run in 6 week blocks. The next 6 week block will be starting Monday 28th October at 5.30pm. Cost £120. To book