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Private Sessions

Nikki Private

Nikki has been teaching Pilates since 2002 and has trained with various leading Pilates teachers worldwide. She also teaches Gyrotonic and is a international and national educator and presenter. In 2015 she completed a diploma in Cranial Sacral Therapy and combines her movement teaching & cranio-sacral treatment to benefit clients with pathologies. To read more about Nikki

Allison Private

As well as her role as our Studio Manager, Allison teaches mat, reformer and studio classes here at Tranquility. She also mentors the trainee student teachers in preparation for their Pilates examinations. Her aim is to get clients to maximise the time they share so that they can understand more about their bodies and the positive effects of functional movement.  Allison’s enthusiastic and motivational style of teaching enables the client to use Pilates not just as a form of exercise to get better at doing, but to integrate the Pilates principals they’ve learned into their lifestyle to enhance their health and well-being.

Lynn Private

Lynn Edmonstone originally trained as an actress and worked in theatre, tv and film.  It was during her drama school years that she was introduced to Yoga, The Alexander Technique and Pilates.  Lynn first qualified as a teacher of The Alexander Technique and Pilates followed very soon after.  She then qualified as a Stretch Therapy Teacher, L4 Nutrition Advisor and Mindfulness Meditation Teacher.  Lynn currently teaches Pilates group classes and private sessions specialising in helping clients who have Osteopenia, Osteoporosis and back pain.  She is matwork, small equipment and Comprehensive Studio Certified.  She also teaches Mindfulness Meditation in the corporate sector. 

Lynn's aim is to help clients achieve their goals i.e. reduce/eliminate pain, build bone density, improve body awareness, alignment, posture, range of movement, flexibility, strength and at the same time do this with ease, freedom and being fully present to the whole experience"

Angela Private

Angela discovered an early love of movement through aerial dance and Yoga, and after many years of performing and choreographing she discovered Pilates and loved the graceful, intuitive yet challenging nature of the movement. Angela’s Pilates style is intuitive and focused, and she coaches her students to a deeper awareness of movement and strength, moving beyond functional training and toward integration and awareness of the whole body. Angela loves to combine many different modalities that she’s learned practicing Cranio-Sacral technique and Core Energetics. In her spare time she enjoys cooking and eating good food, performing on stage, singing and playing guitar and soaking in the amazing arts and culture scene in the city.


Alba Private

Alba is a certified Mat and Studio Pilates instructor by the Spanish Federation of Pilates (platinum and gold quality training center). She did her training in Barcelona focusing on Kinetic Control and Functional Movement and since then, she has been working and continuously training at several studios in Barcelona and in London further expanding her knowledge of the Classical method devised by Joseph Pilates and combining that with personal elements taken from all the disciplines that have been nurturing her career (Classical Dance, Singing techniques, Yoga, Psychosomatic therapies such as Core energetics, Alexander technique...etc) This unique approach allows her to connect with her clients in a deeply creative way incorporating very active listening towards the body that stands in front of her.

Group Classes

Pilates Mat

Our mat classes are based around the original 34 exercises that Joseph H. Pilates created in the early 1900's and are taught from a rehab, modern to classical Pilates approach. We have no more than 10 people in a class. 

"Working the body from inside out" Joseph H.Pilates


Our Reformer classes have no more than 6 people in a class, which keeps it small enough to adapt exercises accordingly to each individual ability and fitness level. Our style of teaching is from rehab, modern to classical Pilates.

To join our Reformer classes you will need to complete either a 6 week beginner’s course or 3 private sessions 

(NB: If you're already taken at least 3 Reformer classes, you will need to come in for a free screening and consultation first before joining our classes).  

Contact us: if you have any questions before booking 

Studio Class

During this class you will use all the Pilates equipment: Trapeze Table (Cadillac), Chairs, Barrels and the Studio Reformer. You will be given individual exercises that suit your needs and goals. 

To join our Studio classes you will need to complete either a 6 week beginner’s course or 3 private sessions 

(NB: If you're already taken at least 3 equipment classes, you will need to come in for a free screening and consultation first before joining our classes).  
Pre & Post Natal

This class will commence again once we have found a suitable teacher 

An important class preparing the mother and baby for the birth and helping them through recovery. The importance of the female pelvis during this period of change is key to health and well being for both mother and child. 

Our Pre & Post Natal classes have no more than 6 people in a class. To join our Pre & Post classes you will need to come in for a free screening and consultation first along with a doctors note to say you are cleared to exercise. 

NB: Please note if you are expecting and have never taken Pilates before this is not the time to start. You should never start a new form of exercise when pregnant.
Pilates Mat Arc Class

The Pilates Arc is based on the spine corrector designed by Joseph Pilates to increase core strength & flexibility of the spine. Its a great tool for mat classes and also helps to strengthens the upper body and develop balance and coordination. 

It’s fun, easy to use and provides exercises to challenge anyone from the beginner to the most advanced Pilates client.

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