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Alba Boldu Caballero

Pilates Instructor 

As a professional dancer and performer, Alba's approach to Pilates is based on the acceptance and understanding of what our body needs at a certain point in our lives. Having experienced injury frustration over time, Alba has learned to believe in the healing power of Pilates not only as a physical tool but as a needed discipline that can allow us to rewire body and mind in order to live and breathe fully and to start a healthy constructive relationship towards our bodies.

Alba is a certified Mat and Studio Pilates instructor by the Spanish Federation of Pilates (platinum and gold quality training center). She did her training in Barcelona focusing on Kinetic Control and Functional Movement and since then, she has been working and continuously training at several studios in Barcelona and in London further expanding her knowledge of the Classical method devised by Joseph Pilates and combining that with personal elements taken from all the disciplines that have been nurturing her career (Classical Dance, Singing techniques, Yoga, Psychosomatic therapies such as Core energetics, Alexander technique...etc) This unique approach allows her to connect with her clients in a deeply creative way incorporating very active listening towards the body that stands in front of her.

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Chief Studio Manager, Pilates & Gyrokinesis Instructor    

With a keen interest in health and fitness, Allison’s Pilates journey began in 2002.  She met Nikki Chrysostomou in 2004 who took her Pilates experience to deeper a level of understanding and recognising Allison’s aptitude for the discipline encouraged her to become a Pilates instructor.  Having studied Sports Therapy  in 1995 this seemed like a natural progression. 

Allison has been teaching Pilates since 2009 and prides herself on being the first person to qualify with Balanced Body UK in Matwork and then qualified as a Certified Comprehensive Instructor in 2013.  Whilst completing her Pilates studies Allison became a GYROKINESIS® apprentice studying  under Authorised Master Trainer Salvatore LoMonaco.  She qualified as a Certified GYROKINESIS® Trainer at GYROTONIC® Munstertal, Germany in 2014.

Coming from a background in healthcare she has an in-depth understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the body.  Allison worked for a top Harley Street Gastroenterologist for over 17 years so part of her Pilates practice focuses on clients with illnesses of the digestive system and how they can improve core strength and stability to aid better digestion and gastric motility. She utilises breathing techniques to help focus the mind on the body and not the illness.  The “natural high” after their Pilates workout eases tension, decreases stress and often helps to alleviate pain.  She also held a Matwork Pilates class at The London Clinic for members of staff and worked in conjunction with the Occupational Health Department to help promote Pilates as part of their healthy living programme for staff members.

As well as her role as our Studio Manager, Allison teaches mat, reformer and studio classes here at Tranquility. She also mentors the trainee student teachers in preparation for their Pilates examinations. Her aim is to get clients to maximise the time they share so that they can understand more about their bodies and the positive effects of functional movement.  Allison’s enthusiastic and motivational style of teaching enables the client to use Pilates not just as a form of exercise to get better at doing, but to integrate the Pilates principals they’ve learned into their lifestyle to enhance their health and well-being.

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Angela Merlino

Pilates Instructor 

Angela discovered an early love of movement through aerial dance and Yoga, and after many years of performing and choreographing she discovered Pilates and loved the graceful, intuitive yet challenging nature of the movement. Angela’s Pilates style is intuitive and focused, and she coaches her students to a deeper awareness of movement and strength, moving beyond functional training and toward integration and awareness of the whole body. Angela loves to combine many different modalities that she’s learned practicing Cranio-Sacral technique and Core Energetics. In her spare time she enjoys cooking and eating good food, performing on stage, singing and playing guitar and soaking in the amazing arts and culture scene in the city.

Angela will be teaching the Pre & Post Natal Class on Thursdays at 1pm. To book

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Claudia Colucci

Pilates Mat Teacher 

Claudia teaches the Mat Pilates, Beginner level at Tranquility and is a fully trained Balanced Body Mat Pilates instructor. Claudia truly believes that Pilates practice can benefit everyone, from the dedicated sports athlete to a new mum or office worker! She is happy to work with a wide range of clientele to improve performance, posture and body awareness. When teaching she likes to place emphasise on connecting the breath with movement, to not only strengthen the core but to create focus of the mind, essential when exercising and for everyday mental health.

If you're interested in understanding how to strengthen your muscles, improve your alignment, balance and core stability then this beginner course is for you.

In this 6 week course, we will focus on making sure your technique is correct to strengthen the body safely, whilst teaching you the basic principles of pilates. Claudia will take you through a full body workout every week, demonstrate how the exercises are done and explain what parts of the body will benefit.

This class is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. By the end of the 6 weeks you will be able to approach regular classes with the confidence that you are engaging and activating the right muscles in the right way.

Pilates was created to address structural imbalances, pain and difficulty with movement. It aims to enhance your posture, strength and flexibility, body tone, stamina and general fitness whilst releasing unnecessary tension. The precise, low-impact exercises ensures that everyone of any age or ability is able to do a Pilates class and feel great afterwards.

Claudia teaches the 6 week beginner Mat Pilates Courses on Tuesdays and Thursdays: for more information



Lynn Edmonstone

Pilates, Alexander Technique, Stretch Therapy, Metabolic Effect, Mindfulness, Meditation & Nutrition 

Lynn Edmonstone originally trained as an actress and worked in theatre, tv and film.  It was during her drama school years that she was introduced to Yoga, The Alexander Technique and Pilates.  Lynn first qualified as a teacher of The Alexander Technique and Pilates followed very soon after.  She then qualified as a Stretch Therapy Teacher, L4 Nutrition Advisor and Mindfulness Meditation Teacher.  Lynn currently teaches Pilates group classes and private sessions specialising in helping clients who have Osteopenia, Osteoporosis and back pain.  She is matwork, small equipment and Comprehensive Studio Certified.  She also teaches Mindfulness Meditation in the corporate sector. 

Lynn's aim is to help clients achieve their goals i.e. reduce/eliminate pain, build bone density, improve body awareness, alignment, posture, range of movement, flexibility, strength and at the same time do this with ease, freedom and being fully present to the whole experience"

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6 Week Pilates for Bone Health Course starting Monday 16th September: for more information


nikki chrysostomou


Educator & Presenter
Pilates, Cranial Sacral Therapist, Gyrotonic & Dula 

Nikki teaches all the Pilates classes between Monday - Friday plus private clients for Pilates, Gyrotonic or Cranial Sacral Therapy 

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